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Excellence, Experience & Drive directed by Innovation

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Our Purpose
Connected by values

defines who we are, how we work, our priorities and our values.


To provide reliable, intelligent, best-in-class environmentally friendly technology solutions

Business Model

Our business model includes site leasing and sharing, infrastructure management as well as providing innovations insight such as distributed antenna systems (DAS) for targeted locations


To lead the delivery of infrastructure/ collocation facilities, creating a level playing field for individuals and corporates

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Our commitment defines who we are, how we work, our priorities and our values


Our customers have a choice, and how we perform determines whether they choose us. We aim high, set ambitious goals and deliver results. We use customer feedback to refocus when necessary. We move quickly and make timely well thought-out decisions because our future depends on them


We are a company of ideas that are nurtured by a commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction. It is the aspiration of the entire team to always reach for the next innovative service delivery idea.


Our strong leadership’s ideas and inspiration creates opportunities constantly and without limits. We improve continuously in everything we do as a company and as individuals.

Our Capabilities


To a culture of Excellence


We aim high, set ambitious goals and deliver results

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Energy partnerships with 99.9% uptime track record

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Committed to clean energy with minimal environmental footprint

Why Choose Us?

Our KPIs direct our
drive for excellence

Our KPIs reflect our understanding of our customers’ most critical pain points and motivate our actions. We pride ourselves on our ability to go over and beyond to achieve these KPIs in order to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers, namely, continued and uninterrupted connectivity.

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99.9%      Availability

  • Best-in-class energy partners

  • Unwavering focus on continuous improvement

  • Energy mix with heavy renewable energy focus

  • Minimal carbon footprint

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Deployment capacity and speed

  • Strong funding capacity

  • Disciplined financial management

  • Viable commercial/economic terms underlying deployment of solutions (towers, DASs etc.)

  • Proactive supply-chain management

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Top-notch infrastructure with zero incidents

  • Best-in-class engineering vendors

  • A firm commitment to HSE and ESG standards

  • Supply chain and Project management excellence


Ready to experience excellence?

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